REHAU RAUTHERMEX pre-insulated PE-Xa pipe was designed for applications where low heat losses are critical. This makes it ideal for large district heating and biomass systems over long distances. Lightweight polymer pipes such as RAUTHERMEX offer huge advantages over traditional steel pipework due to the speed and ease of installation.

RAUTHERMEX is available in UNO 25-160mm and DUO 25-75mm, completed with compression sleeve joints and the insulating shroud system, Tees, couplings and elbow jointing shrouds. The 75mm DUO product is suitable for a wider range of projects.

Mibec are REHAU's number one independent authorised supplier. They have the largest UK stock of district heating pipes and we have worked in partnership with the REHAU team for over a decade, delivering numerous successful projects.

Our free pipe sizing and application service is available to all installers/consultants, and our quotations include full parts listings and advice on installation, if required. We have a network of authorised installers that we can connect you with for your installation. REHAU tools are readily available from hire companies, which we can also recommend.

Please feel free to email or call our expert team at 01782 959170. We will be happy to help you source the right pre-insulated pipe for your project.


Local and district heating supply
Biomass boiler connections
Ground-source and air-source heat pump connections
Cooling systems (data centres etc.)
Industry and agriculture
Connection of external surface heating
Outdoor facility heating


RAUTHERMEX district heating pipes are made of co-extruded, fully bonded layers, resulting in a system where expansion and contraction are controlled within the pipe system itself. (No linear expansion.) The UNO and DUO variants comprise one and two carrier pipes respectively, made of high-pressure cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xa) in accordance with DIN 16892/93, SDR 11 with an EVOH oxygen diffusion barrier in accordance with DIN 4726. The thermal insulation is made of polyurethane (PU) and the outer jacket is made of polyethylene - low density (PE-LD).


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