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REHAU PP-R  pre-insulated pipe is the new generation of large diameter district heating pipework to allow a fully polymer heat network for large projects. It's available from 160-315mm SDR 11 as standard (larger sizes up to 500mm available on request) which can supply up to 13MW of heat at 70/40°C.

REHAU PP-R is one of the most energy-efficient method of transporting water for heating or cooling applications over long distances underground.

Mibec are REHAU's number one independent authorised supplier. They have the largest UK stock of district heating pipes and we have worked in partnership with the REHAU team for over a decade, delivering numerous successful projects.

Our free pipe sizing and application service is available to all installers/consultants, and our quotations include full parts listings and advice on installation, if required. We have a network of authorised installers that we can connect you with for your installation.

Please feel free to email or call our expert team at 01782 959170. We will be happy to help you source the right pre-insulated pipe for your project.


This pipe is ideal to distribute energy between the heat sources, chillers, heat pumps, geothermal systems and the utilities involving networks of pre-insulated underground pipes, ensuring maximum safety and design reliability.


The system includes a complete range of pre-insulated fittings and pipe insulated with rigid PUR (polyurethane) foam protected by an outer jacket made from PE-HD. The medium pipe is plastic-fibre composite.