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We're a highly experienced Watts Industries Premier Partner so if you're planning to use Microflex for your pre-insulated pipe project, get in touch. Microflex pipe is a pre-insulated, flexible, energy-saving PEX-a piping system perfectly suited for transporting water in renewable energy and other heating and plumbing applications.

Microflex pipes are the most flexible PEX-a pipes on the market. Two Microflex pipes of 40 mm can be bent to achieve an internal radius of only 25 cm. Turning corners and avoiding obstacles has never been easier and leads to significant time and cost savings during installation. With no cutting required, the installer simply and quickly bends the Microflex pipe around the obstacle. And with fewer accessories and connections, there are real reductions in parts and labour, as well as less risk of leakages, and reduced time to install.

Microflex pipes are available as tailored lengths or full coils up to 100 metres. A wide variety of pipe diameters are available from 25 mm o/d (DN20) to 125 mm o/d (DN100) to meet specific application requirements.

If you need more help finding the right Microflex products for your project, email or call our team on 01782 959170 and we'll be happy to help you source the right pipe for your project, provide specification support or product advice.

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