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Ground Source Collector Pipes

Mibec offers a comprehensive range of reliable, high-quality renewable energy product solutions. Each solution is meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Ground collectors (or ground arrays) refers to the pipework installed underground which collects the energy from the earth or water to a heat pump, in the same way the air source heat pump takes heat from the air. Inside these pipes is a refrigerant mixture which conducts the heat energy and passes this to the heat pump. The heat pump's compressor raises the temperature to a suitable level before it is circulated to the heating system, delivering hot water and heating. You can also use ground source probes, otherwise known as boreholes, where ground space is limited.

Mibec specialise in the supply of underground pre-insulated pipe for the energy efficient distribution of water for point-to-point and district heating projects throughout the UK. Our specialist team, who have worked in the district heating and insulated pipe market for over 20 years, are ready to help you with your project.

Please feel free to email or call our expert team at 01782 959170. We will be happy to help you source the right ground source collector pipe for your project.


Ground source heat pump projects.


We offer a full range of ground source collector products from extruded straight and coiled PE100 pipe in an extensive SDR range of thicknesses, assembled loops, E/F & spigot fittings to bespoke manifolds and chambers.