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REHAU Pipe Systems

As the UK's leading independent REHAU pipe supplier, Mibec can help with the application of both RAUVITHERM and RAUTHERMEX insulated pipe products for use in a wide range of applications, including biomass, biogas, heat pump and district heating projects.

REHAU has the largest UK stock of district heating pipes, and Mibec is their number one independent authorised supplier. We can supply their RAUVITHERM and RAUTHERMEX UK insulated pipe solutions. Our free pipe sizing and application service are available to all installers/consultants, and our quotations include full parts listings and advice on installation, if required. We have a network of authorised installers that we can connect you with for your installation. REHAU tools are readily available from hire companies, which we can also recommend.

If you need more help finding the right REHAU products for your project, email or call our team on 01782 959170 and we'll be happy to help you source the right pipe for your project, provide specification support or product advice.

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