District Heating System

Dual Core DHP Pipe

This Pre-insulated pipe is suitable for transporting heating water from central plant buildings or between out buildings and main premises. Further the Dual core DHP piping is also suitable for potable water, waster water and other fluids.

The Piping contains thermal, elastic CFC-free foam insulation made from cross-linked PE-X with closed microcellular structure. Minimal water absorption capactiy of <1% in accordance with ISO 2896. Insulating PE centrepiece gurantees an effective separation of flow and return pipes.

Corrosion-resistant transport pipe in cross-linked PE-Xa in accordance with EN ISO 15875, with yellow oxygen diffusion barrier in accordance with DIN 4726

Corrugated outside casing in HDPE, to provide high-grade protection to the piping system.

  • Max operating pressure: 6 bar
  • Max fluid temperature: + 95
  • PE-Xa pipes: SDR 11
  • Standard full coil length: 100m

Easy Installation

  • No special assembly tools required
  • No couplings or accessories necessary to overcome obstacles (under normal installation circumstances)
  • Faster assembly times
  • No skilled welders required to make connections
  • Individual approach to market-specific demands outside of standard solutions.v