Heat Interface Units

Heat Interface Units (HIU) sometimes referred to as Thermal Interface Units (TIU) are used to efficiently distribute heat and hot water to district heating or network heating projects. Mibec can supply heat interface units throughout the UK, in a specification to suit your district heating project, from apartments, social housing, holiday homes and parks or RHI district heating schemes.

heat interface unitHeat Interface units can be supplied in a number of permutations to suit project, and budget. Models are designed to offer both supply and metering of domestic hot water (DHW) and / or primary heating water. The thermal interface unit supplies water via a high efficiency plate heat exchanger , which gives high levels of mains pressure hot water up to 50kW. (Higher levels available if required)

The heating demand can be supplied, again via a plate heat exchanger (indirect heating), or via the incoming pipework (direct heating). This gives flexibility in design and specification on individual district heating or social housing schemes. Metering for billing, or for use in the government backed RHI scheme can be provided to the application, using Class MID2004 compliant meters.

The units can be linked simply, or via a Building Management System (BMS) to provide accurate reporting and billing data for the client, or for RHI use.

Mibec offer a full design, specification and advice service for application of thermal interface units, and district heating schemes. Please call our dedicated technical sales team on 0845 303 9397, or contact us via email at info@insulatedpipe.co.uk

Our techincal specification sheet for our standard range of heat interface units can be downloaded by clicking here Mibec Compact HIU