District Heating

District heating  (sometime referred to as DH) is the process of centrally producing heat and distributing thi heat via a heat network of insulated pipes for space heating and hot water requirements. In some European countries, over 50% of their heat is distributed via district heating schemes, with purpose designed district heating pipe.

The benefits of district heating are increased dramatically by using a combined heat & power plant (CHP), which produces both heat, and electricity. CHP plants can be powered by traditional fossil fuels, but are increasingly being fuelled by biomass or anaerobic digestion systems.

The Mibec range of pre-insulated heat main pipes (district heat main) is designed specifically for this type of project.  We can help with the design and optimisation of the pipe network, and sizing.  We also provide a full range of heat exchanger options (all from stock) to help with linking with this type of system.

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