Case Studies

Shropshire Poultry Farm  –  REHAU RAUVITHERM Pre-Insulated Pipe System

rehau rauvitherm mibec

Our client was looking for a reliable, cost-effective alternative to steel pipe and insulation for a large poultry shed. The shed measuring 120m x 30m, was fitted with 10 large underfloor heating circuits, each with a dedicated manifold system.  A 200kW gas boiler house was located 10 metres away from the main poultry shed, and needed to be linked to the heating main.


Twin 50mm REHAU RAUVITHERM pre-insulated pipe was used to link the main boiler house with dedicated distribution main, which spanned the length of the shed (100 metres) From this 10 T shroud kits enabled the link to each underfloor heating manifold, via a RAUVITHERM 32mm Duo pre-insulated pipe link.

All connections were made using the REHAU ‘EVERLOC’ fitting system. Thus giving high levels of reliability and security of the overall pipe system.disttrict heating pipe

The RAUVITHERM pre-insulated district heating pipe system, offered high levels of insulation performance and minimal heat loss.  Whilst giving a captial saving on steel pipework, and labour costs, the REHAU system comes with a 5 year warranty and over 30 years life expectancy giving our client peace of mind. As approved REHAU RAUVITHERM suppliers, we offer full advice on service on all REAHU products.

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