Mibec Ltd specialise in supplying  pre-insulated pipe for use on district heating systems, renewable energy projects and many other uses. Often referred to as heat main pipe, underground heating pipe or district heating pipe, it is an ideal solution for modern biomass heating projects.

We have dedicated specialists, who have worked in the district heating and insulated pipe market for over 20 years. We are passionate about our products and services, and aim to offer the highest quality products for our customers.

We can provide a full range of insulated pipe products and services, to cover all aspects of district heating projects. From biomass boiler projects taking advantage of the government RHI scheme, to Anaerobic Digestion projects and Biogas schemes. All of these projects utilise district heat main pipe systems to improve efficiency and performance.

Our Mibec DHP heat main pipe or district heating pipe, is a pre-insulated PEX plastic pipe, that offers a range of benefits when used in district heating projects.

We work with leading manufacturers of pre-insulated pipe, such as REHAU with the RAUTHERMEX and RAUVITHERM insulated pipe products. We also have our own brand Mibec DHP pre-insulated pipe packs, which are ideal for use in smaller systems, such as Domestic RHI schemes.

Typical Projects

  • Biomass – Commercial RHI
  • Biomass – Domestic RHI
  • Anaerobic Digestion – Biogas / CHP
  • District Heating Networks
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps


Please view our pages for more information on our range of insulated pipe solutions, or call for more information and free advice.