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Pre Insulated Pipe Solutions

rehau pipeinsulated pipeMibec Thermal Solutions specialise in the supply of underground insulated pipe for the distribution of water for heating, cooling and hot/cold water supply services in all areas of district heating.

Available in customised lengths of up to 200 metres and a choice of 1, 2 or 4 carrier pipes, our flexible, low weight construction means it can be installed quickly and easily over obstacles. Our underground pre-insulated pipe solutions are all thermally insulated with a double-skinned outer jacket.

We can supply underground pipe products from leading district heating pipe suppliers like Rehau or Microflex, and offer a full and free of charge design advice service. As one of the leading independant Rehau UK pipe suppliers, we  can help with the application of both Rauvitherm and Rauthermex insulated pipe products for use in biomass, biogas, heat pump and district heating projects.

Both Rehau and Microflex pipe is suitable for use in biomass RHI projects, and we can advise on the correct specification for this.

Mibec offer a specification service, is designed to support architects, specifiers or pipework contractors, and enable them to select the correct, and most economical district heating main pipe solution.

Find out how Mibec Thermal solutions can help you solve your biomass, heat pump or district heating underground pipework projects today.

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